Sunday, June 23, 2013

A little Va-Ca

We are on vacation this week in Hilton Head Island.  My family used to vacation here sometimes while growing up, so I was familiar with the area and knew I liked it. I think it used to be a more secluded place... It's much busier than I remember. However, it still has a lot of charm to it and is very family friendly.  Bonus for us- it's only 4 hours away from home! 

A very packed car... And we are off!

Relaxing pool side with Uncle Chris and Angie 

And then of course ... Swimming!!!

Garrett has become quite the pool shark!  It's all he wants to do!

This reminds me of a country song... Princess playing pool... Do. Not. Mess!!

It's funny to me.  My kids had to be talked into going to the beach. Garrett's response was "why do we have to go to the beach? We go there all the time at home.  This is vacation!"  Lol...  I guess he wanted to do something different from the norm... Lol.. These Navy Kids!!  We used to count down the days till vacation.. Which in my mind meant going to the beach! 

Beach greetings!!

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