Thursday, June 20, 2013

Koosie Craft

This is about the easiest summer craft for kids... And great for many reasons!
1. Super easy
2. Not messy.. Fast clean up 
3. Keeps them busy for a while
4. Practice handwriting in a fun way by getting to write On something with a sharpie

A friend of mine recently made these koosies (not sure if that is correct but going with it) for her son's birthday party as favors. Stellar Idea!! The kids all loved them because they had their name on it. And it kept everyone's drink boxes from getting confused... And we didn't have to keep track of a Sharpie marker.  They were brightly colored so the drinks really stood out when they were all lined up on the table.  ..... I highly recommend do ing this for a kids party.  

Then I thought it would also be a great idea for our upcoming vacation with 16 people floating around! Adult drinks are hard to keep track of too!  So the kids and I went in search of koosies and foam stickers!  Hobby Lobby only had a few, informing me that they had them with their summer stuff and they were gone now.  Oh my bad! Because its not summer?? And that's why you have Christmas foam art now? Uh. Should have started with Michael's because they did have summer stuff... And it was on sale! 

I made a girls list and a boys list of names... And they got to work!  

Cute, right!

I'm glad I get a Girl one!

This would be great if you are hosting a play group or pool party! Or have them on hand for play dates and have the kids make one to cut down on the amount of plastic cups they go through.  

***side note ... They work GREAT with Capri Suns!  Micah doesn't squeeze them too much!

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