Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

So mark this day down in the books!  No, not because it was Father's Day... Because I did two things that don't come around often... Like less than once every few years!  
1. I got IN the lake .. Oops I mean river 
2. I cut the grass

Let's start with cutting the grass.  Not my thing.  I use my allergies as an excuse. I thank my own dad this Father's Day for never making me or my sister do that task.  I like to think he viewed us as precious girls who shouldn't have to work like that... But I think it's more like we couldn't cut it too his standards. Plus living with 3 women... Who wouldn't want to escape! Recently I thought of taking up this chore for that reason. Yes, it's still work.. But an escape where little ones can't help or bug you.  Not only did the actual chore itself suck.. I was proved wrong on both of the above thoughts.  

Anyway I did it because Matt had to sleep so he could go into work and fly all night tonight. Saying it was a Father's Day gift made it seem a lot less "if you want something done..." If you know what I mean ;).  Besides it was a good work out! Holy smokes the grass was thick! And who has a push mower that's Not self propelled?!?  Apparently we do.  If any neighbors saw me .. No I was not practicing for football sled drills.

So if that isn't monumental enough... I actually jumped into the St. John's River today while we were out boating with friends.  I do not get in rivers, lakes, or the ocean because I can't see what's below me ready to gobble me up.  And I have made many a scene screaming because I thought for sure something deadly was wrapped around my leg... Yes, it was sea weed.  But today it looked so inviting, so fun..  Ummmm no, you know the real reason I got in!!  ;)

Seriously.. Thank you to our friends Gail and Clay for taking us out today!  It was the perfect relaxing way to spend Father's Day. The kids had a blast going fast and guessing how deep the water was (Garrett).  Micah even said tonight, "Micah. Boat. Like."  That's high praise!!!

Ready for some wake!

My friend, Gail.. Who happens to be my lost at birth twin... In that we grew up far apart but have so many funny things in common!  

My "I don't want to go fast." Girl changed her mind!

G and Cole ready to get their jumps on!

Little dude showed no fear and jumped right in.. And again.. And again! 

Capt. G


And later on....


  1. Adorable family. And you're hilarious about why you actually got in the river :)