Friday, April 12, 2013

Zumba Diaries

A while back I posted some of my random thoughts during a Zumba class..  well, that same white girl still laughs at herself (and others) as we try to shake it. 
 It's fun! 
 It's a great workout!
I just need to start having a margarita first :)  LOL
Speaking of margaritas.. yesterday I was headed into Zumba class when I saw a text for our neighborhood party for the month of May... cinco de mayo of course! A friend of mine and I try to pull our allotment together once a month (or every other) to actually chat with the neighbors we so often wave to.. it's great!  So I told her I would get my Mexican thoughts flowing and come up with some great ideas!  I didn't get her text back till after class... but yeah, I was in the wrong Spanish speaking area.  oh well! I'm not very well versed in geography.. can ya tell?

I started to figure this out when the cute instructor with the Jamaica braids said something about Africa.. and the next song kept repeating "this is Africa!"  Ok! so I'm thinking tribal.. but the song was sort of pump you up.. so I thought about yelling "futbol!"  but decided to conserve my energy (and what little dignity I had not danced away).  Just when I was getting into a "grove" (pun intended) the next song played needed maracas.. shaking like that just doesn't happen without them.

Right-Left-Right-Right.. pretty sure it was an old school move .. I can't remember the name.. but i so had that one down!  However, leading with the left and the heel is not natural at all for me.  Switching.. step-step... hummmmm.  At one point I did kick ball change and called it good.

Slowing it down at the end, I'm thinking it was Spanish rap.  There were a lot of "look like you are in da club" type moves.  You may think I failed here.. but since Snoop is my all time favorite rapper (that's for you aub!) .. i was da bomb! <clearly lying>

So... I haven't improved all that much. I still have no clue what culture this is mimicking.  But it's fun.   And I'm not the only one out of my element.  There was a middle aged woman of Asian decent who possibly had less of a clue than me.  And then there was Buddy the Cake Boss' mom and sister Mary .. with their patron Saint of Zumba necklace...they have us all covered!

Have fun this weekend!

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