Monday, April 15, 2013

Navy Life Pallat Sign

Navy Life
I made this sign (actually a few) for some friends the other day... but because our birthday dinner/ girls night out was starting literally as the sealer was drying.. i didn't get very good pictures.
still wanted to share :)

I think I may just have to make one for myself!

Pallets are plentiful around here with all the new constructiton.. I'm always on the hunt!
I started sawing away at it one night.  I broke the saw.

Enter husband with a power saw...

much better

I brushed it with a heavy duty bristle brush first to get the lose dirt off.  Next i used rough sand paper and after that, a softer sanding block.
 painted it white.
I used stencils and paint that i had already.. yay for last minute things that work out!
When it was dried, i destressed the edges with the soft sanding block.  I also roughed up the letters, making it look worn.
Finally, I hot glued the rope to the back.

i hope my friend liked them.
love my navy wife friends!
love my Navy Life too.. most of the time :) 

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