Wednesday, June 6, 2012

some history & titles

June 6th.
This date would not have even entered my thoughts... not that long ago.
Nothing "history related" would have.
But, I'm encouraged to learn more about our country's rich history because I have been adopted into it.. serving along side my husband... he who actually deploys for our freedom, myself who tries to keep things intact and showing the kids that while we miss daddy.. we can still have fun, and the kids who serve as well by adapting and learning to appreciate the significance of the military..... and passing it on.

Garrett has passed it on.. to me!

Garrett has been interested in WWII for as long as i can remember.. seriously.  He was captivated by it all when we went to Hawaii. He drew Japanese flags everywhere... he was 3 so it was easier :)   We went to the Army museum next to the Hali Koa (military hotel) nearly every day.  He built bunkers in the sand. His sweet innocent eyes looked for the dead soldiers over the side of the Arizona ... then proclaimed that he saw "some red shirts" so he knew they were there.  He taught me the other ships that were destroyed that day.  He learned the ones that sank, the one that capsized (i think the Oklahoma) and the one that ran ashore (i wanna say the Nevada.. but don't quote me). He fell in love with the Mighty MO .. again I learned that it was a battle ship that housed the ending of the war. 
the Army museum

in a fox hole... ready

Mighty MO
Addison turned 1 in HI!

Basically I learned right along with G on that trip.  History.. was not an interest of mine.  In school it was easy to memorize and then dump.  It never seemed important to me.  I cringed when my mom would suggest touring some historical area for vacation. I still have never been to DC.

Obviously being a Military family.. i have come to see the important things about history.  I've actually even read a few books for pleasure! (crazy i know.)  If you are looking for a great summer read, I completely recommend Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand.... amazing story!  Lost in Shangri-La is another good read and true story.

We enjoy some Great books geared for kids as well.  and today, being June 6th.. we will pull out some of these to read and check out the links listed .... and we will all learn :) 

if interested..
the books below can be viewed at my Usborne Books and More website.
this is a lift the flap book.. really neat!

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