Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Mama May I?

Remember that game "Mother, may I?" .. didn't you say "No. You may not." ... at least some of the time?

Gosh,  I felt like we were playing a day-long game the other day!  and.. I wasn't very good at saying No. 
 Matt was away for a weekend hiking through the Ruby Mountains (which he said was beautiful and quite a work out!) I figured it was better to wait and do some Father's Day shopping after he left.. less of a chance Addison would tell him what we got :)

I think my lack of "No" use came from the fact that the whole weekend I was thinking about how I am so boring to the kids.  It was just another weekend for them.. nothing special.  But... a few weeks ago when I went to Denver with some girlfriends (insert reminder to post some of the awesome pics)... they had a weekend of Fun with Daddy!  He took them to get ice cream, made pizza, camped in the living room in a tent, went to the Discovery Museum, took them to church (3 kids.. on time!) and McDonalds.  OH.. and.. the house was straightened up.. dishes and laundry done!

I basically decided early on that I couldn't compete with that.. so we had a pretty low key weekend.  But the whole time.. i was providing an internal dialogue of why i should feel guilty for this. Talk about doing the opposite of what i try to teach the kids! Totally comparing myself and not extending an ounce of grace.

but alas... one of my closest friends and "give it to me straight" sisters  .. spun a different light on it!
She reminded me how often Matt leaves.  and that IF i made it "Fun Crazy time" when Daddy leaves.. the kids would expect that every time :)  .. see why she's such a good friend?...  Duhhh.. i was totally looking at it wrong!  Now there are no precedents.. no expectations.. and nothing for me to live up to next time Matt has to leave!!!   I mean really.. can you imagine 6 months of that!?!   And just look what he has to Top NEXT time i leave (and there will be a next time!

LOL!!  Ok, I'm half joking here :) 
Basically He's the more fun one.  and I am OK with that. The kids and I are beyond blessed with the best Dad and Husband.  and I am glad they have that special fun time!!

so back to "Mama may I?" ... here's some snapshots of how it went...

Mama may we eat at the little cafe in Scheels?

Ma-Ma   (that's all he said.. what did you expect?)

Mama may i pour water on baby brother's head?

Mama may I play outside after bath because it's finally cool enough?
Me too, Mama?

Mama, may we sleep in your bed....

Of Course I Said YES!!  I had to compete somewhat!!.... hey, I guess I did camp out in the living room... 
on the couch!

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  1. What a great post! I appreciate your honesty here Ames. You are a great, fun mom. And your kiddos are so blessed to have YOU as their mama!