Friday, June 1, 2012


i am not a super wiz at the techy stuff.  that is For Sure!  I sort of feel bad because i know that technology is so important in our world... and i really don't have much to pass on to my kids in this area.  i know it won't be long until they are teaching me.  Garrett already has quit asking me to help him with his DS or the Wii... he finally has excepted that they did not make those when I was little (he also has excepted that they Did make TV! "in the olden days"!!)  anyway, i think he gets it.  technology is not a strong suit of mine.

Until recently Addison did not have much interest in anything in the technology world.  It dawned on me one day that she did not know how to use a mouse.  I heard about a new web site for pre k through k ..   once i looked at it, i really liked the way it is set up.  i like how it keeps track of progress.  there are parent controls. there are rewards.. and... Shopping!!  which for Addie is a Fun reward.  earning tickets and spending them.. yep, she loves it!

We signed up for it and she enjoyed it from the get go.  you design your "avatar" person.. she had a lot of fun doing that. She quickly learned to use the mouse and has been well on her way ever since.  I too have really enjoyed using this site.  It's a great thing for some late afternoon quiet time that she can do alone.  But i think both of us prefer the times we both sit down and work together.  She gets to pick something and then I do... she has caught on that i always pick the lessons!

what are some of your favorite sites for kids?
any great ones out there for older kids? (ie. for my 7 year old)

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  1. She's such a sweet little princess at her computer, but I'm with you -- all this technology is overwhelming!