Tuesday, June 12, 2012

let the summer begin!

summer is HERE!

We officially rolled out the red carpet to summer here today!  I'm excited to have a little break from the norm... but admittedly our summer is going to be so crazy with moving.. that really thinking about it stresses me out! So instead i'm trying to Enjoy the First month of summer... our Last month here in NV.

Garrett is doing a few weeks of summer camp... he just couldn't say good-bye to school!  Actually it is right Up his alley.. fun times! projects! crafts! activities! field trips! and... friends :)  plus a few pretty special teachers that he adores. so it's a win for him.  Addie, however isn't old enough for the camps.. so we are hosting our own here. Feel free to sign up... we'd love more campers!  :)

Today we finally made flowers!! Addie has been frustrated with the lack of flowers around here. (sweetie, its the desert.)  She insists that her teacher told them that flowers come up in the spring and if you water them they grow.  For the first week of Spring she actually went out side.. stated what day of spring it was.. and said "Now where Are the flowers?!"

This girl needs flowers.  And since i have some not fun allergies in the spring/summer... these flowers work for me as well!
Coffee Filter Flowers!  there's lots of links out there.. just google it :)

use water color paints to paint some coffee filters

let them dry
fold in half.. then half again

round it together and twist the bottom. then wrap a pipe cleaner around the twist. (not shown)
pull the filters apart and fluff to look like a flower
they look pretty in my DIY mercury glass vase

Since it was the first day of Summer Vaca and all... I went the extra step and planned something fun for the afternoon when Garrett was home.  It turned out to be just me and the boys as Addie earned an extended stay in her room... (and did i say it was the First day??)

This is everywhere on Pinterest.   Side walk paint made out of cornstarch :)

i mixed half a cup of water and half a cup of cornstarch then added food coloring.  

G made a race track for his motocross bike!

Micah made messes :)

Cheers!!!   It's SUMMER!!!

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  1. I almost feel like we're living the same life! Getting ready to move and doing coffee filter projects. Only, we didn't think to turn ours into flowers. That's a great idea!