Friday, June 15, 2012

Colorful. Wonderful. Beautiful.

"Mommy this craft is Colorful, Wonderful, and Beautiful"  
... couldn't have said it better myself.  

Addie and i had lots of fun doing this one.  It took the span of a few days too because at the drying stops.. she of course was off to other things and we never got back to it till the next day.
It was really easy too, always a bonus!

You need:  *Craft Acrylic Paint
                  * Glue (we used Elmers Gliter Glue.. on pinterest it said to use Gel Glue, which  walmart didn't have 'shocker'.. so i thought this would be similar. I think the gel is suggested b/c it has a slight color to it so it's easy to see where to paint.  This of course was pink glitter.. so very easy to see.  I do think any Elmers would work!)
                  * Fabric to paint (we used a white dish towel.. came in a pack of two at walmart.  it was more like a cloth napkin though.. and worked perfect).

Ready to start! Found some items to outline with the glue to make fun shapes!

Making a Beautiful flower :)

Addie did a lot on her own, till her thumb hurt from squeezing the bottle! LOL.. so she directed me (a role she does well) in what to make and where to put the designs.

*Dilute Paint with a little water for painting*
Let the painting begin!!
 *Let Dry*
looking good!
 *After it dries.. soak in hot water for 15 min.  This will not hurt the paint, it loosens the glue.
After 15 min I had to rub and scrape with my nails to get the glue to come off.. not hard at all.
Bonus for us... some glitter remained!

This is going to look fabulous in her new room!!
Colorful! Wonderful! Beautiful!.. don't you agree?

I found this on pinterest... on a board where i wanted to repin Everything! Jamie has so many great ideas pinned.. you can expect to see more here :)   Jamie has a wonderful blog that i've joined too called
"Hands On As We Grow"...  check her out!! Filled with greatness!
Obviously I'm not a big name in the blog world.. but all about sharing with my few readers some great ideas to use with your kids and your home!

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  1. Ooh! Love this! It looks like you guys had a blast making it too :)

    1. thanks christie! we did have fun! i kind of wish i would have made one myself... :)

  2. This looks like so much fun!!! I hope that when my little bean is old enough she will enjoy doing crafts like this with me.

    1. i'm sure she will shelby!! it's in her :)