Friday, October 21, 2011

today is.. blogging for dummies

so i'm encouraged by comments on here and facebook :) thanks guys! now i need some help. point me in the right direction so i can figure out how to 1. up load my pics. 2. up load other sites 3. write a little bio about me ;)

i take a lot of pics with my phone... is there a good way to upload them?

ok .. those 3 things should be good. I'll work on it, but will gladly take helpful tips!


  1. 1. when you have a new post, just click the little picture icon above where you are typing. it will pop up a window to where you can link to an URL online, an existing picasa album or you can upload directly from your computer.

    2. do you mean hyperlink to other sites? also in the bar of icons above where you are typing just click where it says "link" and you can copy and paste the link into one of the lines and what you want to appear (underlined in the blog post in stead of the web addy).

    3. click design at the top of your blog. then once you have the white screen with the box outlines of your blog (which you can drag around), click add a gadget. then click basics then scroll down to profile. you can do your write up there then drag the box to wherever you want it to appear on your blog.

    welcome to blogging :)

  2. thank you, julie. i will try to catch up to you! wow..

  3. darn.. every time i click the little picture icon nothing happens. this is so typical for me. easy things aren't easy in computer land! lol!

  4. Do you have a pop up blocker that might be interfering?