Monday, October 24, 2011

today is... blessings

When Matt is on a trip Garrett takes his job as "man of the house" very seriously. He naturally is protective of me, it's sweet. So he tries to help and with his "very mature 7 year old" voice he reminds Addie to take her plate to the counter. She follows her big brother's lead. He picks Micah up when he starts crying and sings him the little song he made up. Micah giggles :) He gathered the trash & took out tonight. Sometimes I am shocked by how much he has grown up.

After a somewhat challenging interaction with Addison.. ok fine.. she pooped her pants again and i'm just over it. there. I throw some chicken nuggets in the microwave and sit down to stop the crying by feeding Micah rice cereal and a new favorite.. carrots. I wasn't really paying much attention to what Garrett was doing up at the counter until he asked if he could use "a sharp knife". Ok, attention goes to him. and i ask what he's doing. He simply says "i thought I would make a salad to go with the chickie nuggets. Can i use a sharp knife to cut carrots?" So, I smile and say "of course".

He mixed a bowl of lettuce, carrots, broccoli, and tomatoes with ranch dressing and served all three of us. Dinner became calm and chatty. Addie successfully moved passed her tears to laugh with Garrett. Micah ate the Entire container of carrots and rice cereal.

Big brother had some extra reading and snuggle time tonight. :) Sometimes the biggest blessings come from sweet 7 year old boys who just love their mama. and i am always good with that.

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