Thursday, October 20, 2011

Today is... a first

True or False? I have often thought about starting a blog.. true. But as i have rationalized before What makes for the FIRST post? What is important enough, crafty enough, a cute enough picture of the kiddos, etc. The answer didn't fit nicely into a box. No one could give me the go ahead. Still though, I thought about it. Sometimes even composing posts in my head (silly, i know) when I want to share what my darling 3 have done or said. when we craft. when i want to remember a moment (shocker, i don't journal). or on the off chance i have a profound thought. I'm not witty. i don't spell well or use correct punctuation. I don't have the God given ability to write like my friend Danielle. or the heartfelt passion of my friend Julie. or the blog know how like Aubrey (if i did, their names would be highlighted and you could check out their blogs! baby steps). still though i keep thinking .. i want to try this out. so we'll see. it may be a flop. I don't want to feel like it's one more thing i have to do, but rather something i want to do.

Today is... another day that just didn't go the way i had hoped. it wasn't a bad day at all. just one that if i sat back and analyzed what i accomplished.. i would be disappointed. i got spit up on for the first time before 9 and throughout the day he added to that perfume. the poor guy is teething so he also smeared saliva and snot all over my shirt and hair. not going to lie, i felt pretty gross tonight. So I'm not sure why I chose to start this tonight. It certainly isn't the wrap up of a stellar day. Nothing truly fabulous happened. unless i count the breakfast i shared with friends. the little bit of crafting i did during Micah's nap. Addie running to me when i picked her up at preschool to show me the "bat hat" she made while proudly proclaiming "bat starts with b! and even banana starts with b!" or the dinner i didn't have to cook because my husband brought it home for me. or the chuckles i had listening to addie sing when she didn't know i could hear and watching her dance when she didn't know i could see her. seeing the pride in garrett's eyes after football practice as he told me of a hit he took that landed him on his back and he got "right back up!" or when garrett told me tonight that he was going to look up Jesus first when he gets to heaven so he can ask all his questions... further stating that he knew the streets would be gold but he didn't know how he was going to know which house belonged to Jesus. or when Micah finally fell asleep (at 10:20!) .. in my arms. :)

yes, today is... normal. but it is good.


  1. Hooray! This is the perfect start. You're off and running and it will just go from here. You'll continue to be inspired and now you have a place to put all of those thoughts. Most importantly, your family will love having this record of your shared lives. Good for you!

  2. Ames! Love your first post. It is just perfect. I love hearing what your day is like, makes me feel a little closer to you. Love hear about your little ones, because I want to know them more. I of course I love hearing from your heart because I love you. Good job bf!