Wednesday, December 12, 2012


These turned out cute .. if i do say so myself.  

 I have liked the "block words" idea for a few years now.. and it has never made the cut of things i could find time to make.  This year, however, was the year!  ...basically because it was done for me!  While Matt and I took apart some pallets for other projects.. I saw these cute- perfect sized- cubes.  So like any crafting wife... I asked him to take apart more of the pallet to get enough cubes.  (I realize I recently claimed that the crow bar is mine.. and it is.. but these cubes were a little tough so I enlisted help.)
Thanks Hun!
So I said they were done for me.. the cubes "appeared" as part of another project. check
                                                   silver spray paint (i had it of course). check
                                                   BELIEVE letters... I got those at Micheal's - already painted, glittered,
                                                   and on clearance. Check!                                    
A few things found new life.. as silver :)
Just glued the letters on and .. BELIEVE it or not.. I got it done so quickly!

The next photo was supposed to be one of the blocks on my mantle.  They looked so pretty. (and they will again.)  If you follow me on Instagram.. you saw my sad fallen mantel.  My wreath, made of glass beads on a styrofoam wreath form, fell and broke in a few pieces.  :(   Just after I had finished the mantel yesterday too.. finally locating the red glitter trees I was hunting for.  I didn't get a pic.. that was on the plans for today... but nothing goes as planned sometimes.  My baby has an ear infection...
sad boy
... and after the doctor visit we found this (made me sick!)

See the blocks?
so tonight i relaxed with a glass of wine.. my poor wreath!  (Micah is feeling a little better already with the medicine... I'm not really more upset over the wreath!)

not sure what i'm going to do in place of the wreath... my goal was to be done with the house by the 15th! and i was oh so close!   ... stay tuned!

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