Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

This weekend we went to our first Reno Aces game of the season .. We always like to go to a few games.. we were telling Garrett how we went to the Portland Sea Dogs games in Maine. Then we stepped it up a level in San Diego to the Padres and now the Aces.  And I've been told there's a minor league team in Jax too!

The best part of the game was going with our good friends, the Stangers!  The kids had a blast :)

Addie trying desperately to be on the "Smile Cam"

Micah enjoying the game

ok.. this is funny!

Kaden and G... best buds!

look at him looking at her even when she's giving him attitude

addie the ballerina & lucas the ball player..... and each has met their match!

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