Tuesday, May 1, 2012

play ball!

It's Baseball time!  Garrett and a bunch of his friends are on the Cubs farm team. It's so fun to watch the kids get better throughout the season.  They have come a long way since t-ball days.  Winning is starting to become more and more a concern.. they want to win. Skills are getting refined. Getting on base is a must.. or they choke back tears. The rules are starting to make sense.. and the plays aren't always at first.

They do still wave to their mamas when they get up to bat and when they stomp on home plate. Then the mamas are choking back tears. ..... and sometimes the mamas find themselves yelling at a bad call.  ok.. so this mama has issues with that.

They get so excited when they catch, scoop and throw, hit...  one little guy last game hit a homer!  he crossed home.. put his hands up.. looked at his mama and had the biggest smile on his face.  The world series couldn't be better than that!

Garrett is enjoying hitting.. practicing all the time.  He's even listening to his dad as if he knows something.. sometimes they do.  He desperately wants to catch a pop fly during a game and win the team ice cream.  Last game he said while getting out of the car, "it's a good day to catch a pop fly."  (lol.. i couldn't help but think of grey's anatomy...)

Of course they still care about the after game snack... but they definitely aren't digging in the dirt anymore. Addie does the dandelion picking on the sidelines :)  and Micah is getting dirty as much as he can! 
Garrett warming up & Micah checking out the dugout

playing shortstop
the cheering section


  1. Love all these pictures. G is growing up so fast!

    1. thanks Em! the time.. where does it go? it's crazy to see micah wearing all of Garratt's clothes from when he was first walking, throwing balls, and enjoying outside in Maine... sigh.