Friday, May 4, 2012

entrepreneur. fashionista. mover.

 Today i had to laugh at the roles each kid took....

Garrett. (aka.. alex p. keaton) =  Entrepreneur
 This morning he was getting ready to walk out the door for school when he remembered something that seemed important.  He ran upstairs and back.. he had a plain white undershirt with him.  He started putting it in his backpack.. which could mean any number of things.  I certainly didn't expect this answer though.  He said he was bringing it for a friend because they need to wear white shirts for their choir show next week.  (apparently his friend said he didn't think he had a plain white shirt.)   Oh yes, how sweet.  Garrett offers to bring him one.... except there is a catch.  He told me his friend was going to pay him for it!!!  what??  oh my!  So calmly i told him it was nice he wanted to help his friend, but he did not need to pay him for it.  End of story, right? no.  we get in the car and Garrett is still thinking about it.  "What are you thinking about?" i ask, looking at him in the rear view mirror.  "Well.  we kind of already made a deal.  I am bringing the shirt and he is going to pay me a dollar."  "oh, well that's nice hun.. but really he doesn't need to pay you for it," i told him.  He comes back with.. "well.. i figured a dollar would be good since we only paid like 6 bucks for the whole pack."  oh my!   I can only imagine the conversation that took place.. probably on the playground.. about the white Haines shirt Garrett would provide to anyone who needed one for the concert .. for a dollar. 

He did not come home with a dollar.... so i'm not sure where the transaction fell apart!  LOL.

My young business man also has "a job" to which he is very proud.  He is picking up dog poo for a friend of mine who just doesn't like doing that (can't imagine why).  The first week he did this.. he came home from school, and grabbed a quick snack where he said "i have to go to my job" no fewer than 5 times, in 5 different ways.  Very important sounding.  Then he ran up to change... he came down in jean shorts and a T.  I asked if he changed and he said Yes.. He took off his comfy shorts and put jeans on ... he didn't want his comfy ones to smell like poo!  LOL.  He was happy to do his job and thrilled to get his envelope of payment. 
Then last week we couldn't go. 
Today he asked if he could go to him job tomorrow.  "sure" i said.  He said.... "well, i will just take one weeks pay since she couldn't have me last week.  i won't make her pay for it."   ........ trying not to laugh because he was super serious... i told him "that's kind of you." 

Addison = Fashionista
Addie is so into fashion.  Loves to dress up.  change. change again.  and maybe again.  she loves jewelry... lots of it.  hair accessories are a must.  She loves shoes.  She always has at least one purse.
So today she got ready for playgroup and told me she was a fashion girl and wanted me to take her picture.  First she had to debate over the sandals with the jewels or the pink ones with the heals. 
she chose jewels.

Micah = Mover

Micah has been making us laugh so much lately.  He is so annimated.  He's walking pretty much exclusively now.  He is trying so hard to keep up with big brother and sister that he often falls down.  but he gets right back up.  He pushes his little car around and Addie's doll stroller all day long...

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  1. Love this! All 3 kids, so unique and so perfect! Makes me wish we could do everyday life together. Not a new thought of course but just thinking of it again! Love your kidders!