Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Mother's Day wreath 1

man.. mothers day and teacher appreciation week all in one week!
what's a crafter to do??  a good one would have planned ahead! lol.  i did actually plan ahead.. just didn't act on it.  but i had inspiration today! 

I made my Mother In Law her Mother's Day present  :)   A "family wreath" so to speak.

I swear i didn't find it on Pinterest .. nor was i inspired by any project.  (though i'm sure you could find it ON Pinterest.. seems like whenever i think i have an original idea, i find it the next day on there.)

I decided to make a wreath with a little bit of each one of us on it.  Namely, colors... to represent birthstones.

the colors are a little random.. but hey! so are we!  actually, i like the way it came together.. alot!

                                          i made flowers for each one of us on the Griffin side...

 Here is our family, starting from the top.. Matt is July. I am Feb. Garrett is Aug. Addie is July and Micah is March.
                      This is for Matt's brother and his girlfriend (notice the space i left to the right.... ).

               This is for Matt's mom who's birthstone is a pearl for June and another March for his dad.
                                         I painted and lightly glittered the "g" for of course.. Griffin :)

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  1. What a fantastic idea!! You are so creative :) I am impressed! I have no true creative bone in my body :( but I sure can copy others, that is why I love pinterest. You should pin this so others can be inspired;)

    1. thanks lisa!! i just pinned it on my boards. :) thanks.. copy away!!