Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Morning Blues

After finding baskets and eggs... eating candy before 8am (Addison was caught throwing back some M&M's ... taking a shot out of her plastic egg!)... we actually made it to church.. the early service.
Truly an Easter Miracle

and look at these fabulous Easter outfits.. (best thing is i didn't have to shop for them.. they were waiting for me when we got back from our trip to Jax. love grandparents! .. i think i was supposed to iron them though.. HUH?)

i thought the kids looked so cute in their matching blues.. glad Garrett isn't too cool to put up a fight about matching Micah. He liked that... just not having to comb his hair!! LOL

after church the kids did what they do best.. had fun being themselves.. with their friends
Addie and "her" Lukie digging into some candy (note the matching blue.. she liked that)
Garrett and Kaden determined to continue their weekly exploring in "the hole"...
Easter clothes or not

Faith. Family. Friends.

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