Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter evening with friends

We love celebrating with friends.
celebrating a holiday is no different.
Since we are rarely around our Ohio families during holiday times... we turn to our extended families that we have met along the way. They have adopted us and we have loved welcoming friends into our home for various holidays.

There is always alot of laughter, kids, food and fun!

this Easter was no different
such a great evening with friends..
thank you Kristyn!
not sure what we are laughing at..
but i thought it was a cute moment captured.
Micah and Willow... how cute!!
impressing her with his throwing skills!

well.. next year we won't be here in the "high dessert" for Easter.
Most likely our egg hunt won't be in the gusty winds.. but rather sunshine & humidity.
I would be lying if i said i wasn't excited.
But one thing is true... i will miss these friends, and others, so much.
looking forward to the"old" friends we will be meeting up with again..& new ones we will meet

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