Monday, March 17, 2014

Easter Wreath

Wow Easter is late this year! I feel like we need it for Spring to officially start!  
But I am ready with this cute wreath ;)  
Super Easy.. here ya go!!

Wreath form, Burlap, Eggs, Easter grass, Ribbon to hang and a glue gun! 
I chose this thicker, more boxy type.  I thought it might be better for placing the eggs... but I am sure you can use a rounder wreath form as well.
The burlap I had was cut into strips from a previous use... so I just took each strip and started wrapping.   I didn't wrap it tight so it would look full.  As I wrapped I just turned the burlap a little so it would give it different dimensions.   I hot glued (on low temp) the ends to the wreath form.
I added some Easter grass, hot gluing it on.

Side note... Does anyone else notice that you find Pine needles till Easter and Easter grass till.. 
oh say Halloween!?  geesh.  ok... rant over.

This little doll dressed in her matching dress to take a pic.. how could I not include!? 

I finished it off with a loop of a ribbon to hang :)  
Here is a picture of some of my dearest Navy wife friends in our squadron.  I love these ladies!!!  They have helped me oh so much through this first half of deployment... Laughs, Babysitting, Hanging Out, Wine Nights, An Encouraging Word, Late Night Texts and Drying Some Tears.  Deployment is only possible for me through Faith that Jesus holds me and Friends like this... and not to forget my awesome family and civilian friends too!!!

We made burlap wreaths back in the Fall and said we were going to do it again this Spring... it seemed so far away then... and Here. We. Are!!!!
Also love the uniqueness to them .. the wreaths and the friends!
Wreath Making Night.. SPRING 2014!

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