Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Window Flower Box for my Princess

Addie has said over and over that she wants flowers outside her window.. so when she looks outside she can see the pretty flowers and look for the fairies.  *yes, this is her world and I just live in it*   Since I can barely to remember to water my flowers on my front porch... I figure remembering to take care of flowers on the side of the house probably isn't going to happen.  But.. I think I succeeded in giving this girlie a flower garden .. without the hassle of maintenance. 

Pretty proud of this little flower box.. more so because I just decided to do it and actually did it all in the same day!  Small Victories!
I used pallet wood- but this time didn't have to cut each piece slooooowly with a little hand saw.  I used this baby!  Matt's Father's Day gift :)  hehehehe

OH MY GOSH!  Why didn't I get this for "Matt" sooner!!  Zip Zip and I was done, with pretty decent cuts.  Rough, yes, but it works for what it is.   I nailed the sides together.. somewhat challenging (next "he's" getting a nail gun!)  then dusted off the saw dust and got out the spray paint!  (I did not even bother sanding it.)

I put some that green floral Styrofoam stuff at the bottom and put flowers in it for her.

I'm hoping she doesn't need to pick them.. that foam stuff crumbles and makes such a mess!  ;)

A happy little flower box.. she's happy... I'm happy.
Right?! Purple and Pink and Princess!! 
and a happy little flower box

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  1. It's perfect!!!!! Love it!

  2. Fun project! I hate to say this, but it's *possible* that your pink and purple princess might need everything to be blue -- just blue -- when she turns, say 8. After you've painted her room pink and purple, with coordinating bedspread and fairy princess sheets. Sigh...