Tuesday, March 26, 2013

GA on my mind

Last Friday our cable took a vacation.. don't know why, it just quit working. No cable/internet during March Madness is just wrong.  I do not follow college basketball as much as football any more.. but I love March Madness!  All the big upsets, the last second wins, the Cinderella teams... love it!! I mean who ever heard of  Florida Gulf Coast before?!

So, it was frustrating to try to keep up with the games on our phones.. we missed so much. We even found out about one upset via the Saturday paper! What?! People still Do that??  I thought the weekend paper was strictly for finding out where the big sales are... turns out they still put some other important info in there. 

Between the lack of electronic entertainment for the kids on spring break (yes, i said that) and the cold rainy weather.. we were ready to get the heck out of Dodge! (Aka Jacksonville).  Matt's parents were going to be in Savannah for a few days before heading our way so we figured why not go meet them. Explore a new city? Sure!

Well, I am sure Savannah is a beautiful city.. I'm told it is, but I walked around with my head down most of the time. It was so cold and windy!!  I detest wind. With a passion. Complaining in full force.. and I'm not talking about the kids! I'm a big girl.. I will admit it..  I. Was. Whining. 

Micah couldn't let me out do him I guess so he took the route of "not going to sleep in the hotel" .. we know that one well and it never gets easier.  How funny though that Matt and I packed books to read "while the kids slept off their sight seeing exhalation".... riiiight!  Man! When will we learn!?!

Oh well.. I hope to make it back up to Savannah sometime.. it is a cool historic city!
(Minus the wind and Plus some sleep.)

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