Friday, August 10, 2012

God decorated the beach!

We just got back inside (sadly) from our first Atlantic Ocean beach adventure. My poor memory recall skills are troubled already to remember all of the cute things Addie said while on the beach this morning.  She was literally overcome with awe. She was excited to find shells (west coast beaches lack in that respect).. but i don't think she was expecting so many shells!! She couldn't put them in her bucket fast enough.
"Momma I found another beautiful one!"
  "This is so so wonderful! "
"This is just beautiful."
  "I love the beach. I love the soft sand! I love the beautiful shells!"

It didn't take long for spinning and twirling to begin..
A song about the biggest sea shell was the happy tue for the dance.

Then.. the cutest:
"Momma, God decorated the beach with shells!!"  "That's right, Addie!" (Thinking, wow.. i really like that.)  "And He left them here for me to decorate my new room!!"
How cute is that?!

Micah wasn't too sure about the experience, he stayed in my arms.. which was nice in its own rite.

Garrett, who started the beach morning walking alone finding shells, had a million questions about why shells are here and not in San Diego, about how they are shaped, and the tide. (Oh my!) Finally he couldn't resist the waves and was beckoned in!!

Gosh I enjoyed watching them this morning!

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