Monday, January 6, 2014

Face Time And Football

It still amazes me that we have the ability to hang out with dad and watch his team ... Even while he is a lot of miles away.

It seems to help Garrett.. He likes seeing His dad and showing him things he's working on or completed. He's actually a better "face timer" than "phone talker". 

Addie is less impressed with the whole video conferencing thing.. She likes to see her daddy, check in that he's doing ok.. And then show him something sparkly like her new shoes. Or she puts her headphones on and sings to him. Good times. 

Little Micah is a toss up.. He either hates that daddy is in the computer and will ask "Daddy, Why you still in there?" And then get mad and walk away, refusing to talk.  Or he loves it and hogs the iPad. Such as this occasion. 

And my favorite... He made coffee for daddy and drank it with him. Oh and he put a little phone up to the iPad! 

It's not the same .. But it's better than nothing. 
Ohio State lost another bowl game.. So some things do remain the same. 

Looking forward to Next football season when we are all back together!!

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