Friday, September 6, 2013

School, Glorious School!

School is in!  We have been settling into our new routines and rolling with the beginning of school. 
Micah had his official "first day" last Thurs.. and though he gave me a thumbs up in the parking lot.. by the time I had to leave it was clear he wanted to change his report.   But, I left and got a text not long later from one of his two loving teachers saying he was just fine!

Thumbs up!

who's going to let go.. that's the question

Micah and Miss Judy.. we'll have to get a better one soon!
So what did I do on that first day of .. ahem.... freedom?! ......
relaxing. reading. poolside.
I had no trouble taking that morning for me...  I went to the gym (quick workout).  Then I hit up Fresh Market.. I actually could look around!  Got some yummy salmon for dinner to celebrate :)  Then I went to Starbucks to fuel up.  and I just happened to walk into a new boutique in the plaza..  so ... I bought a new dress perfect for FL in the fall (ie.. sun dress boasting fall colors)!!  And THEN I headed to the pool by myself.. with my kindle!  It was Glorious!!!
... until later when I realized because I didn't have the kiddos there to lather with sunscreen, I neglected to put it on myself.  So, the first time I relaxed by the pool... was also the first time this summer I got a sun burn.  hummmm.... the irony.

Since that first day I've been a little less self centered.. and a little more productive during those precious hours.  This Thursday I volunteered in Addie's class.. helping her teacher test the kiddos on their sight words.  I loved it.  I love that age.. my first graders were quite often my favorite groups to work with when I worked as a speech therapist.  They are so excited to learn! Addie is all about learning right now! She has gained the confidence she needed to over come the reading hurdles... we worked hard all summer and read a lot! and it showed when her teacher (whom she had last year) moved her up a level in reading.  How awesome is that!? Her teacher moved up to first grade with the majority of the class and it is Such a blessing!! The kids know her expectations.. she knows where they were and where they can go.. she knows that I may or may not return everything on time and may forget to sign something.. but she's become a friend of mine and she also knows to expect something crafty at Holiday time! 
Garrett seems to be thoroughly enjoying his new class.. where all their little gifted minds can think alike all day long! lol!  He has mentioned to me that it's so good to be in a class where there is not a lot of silliness going on and the kids respect the teacher.  Oh how he loved his teacher last year.. and it was so unnerving to him that so many of the kids would not listen to her.  Though I definitely see "teacher's pet" tendencies here.. I know his heart is in the right place and it makes me happy to see him happy about learning and being challenged.

 ... so I think we are off to a good start!

 handwriting practice

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  1. Glad to hear your kids are off to a good start! Tommy gave me the "I don't like school" this morning when we were getting ready. I sure hope his attitude changes, because he's a smart kid and I want him to keep applying himself! He also loves reading, and got really good at it over the Summer. He's so proud that he can read the level 2 books and rolls his eyes when I have him read me a level 1 book :)