Friday, September 13, 2013

Duct tape is Awesome!

Garrett loves Duct Tape.
He has a bag full of different designs.
He makes some really cool things... especially wallets and purses.
He taught himself.
He asks if he can rent out empty stores for his business.
He is so creative and I love it!

He started making these wallets a little over a year ago when we were visiting family in Ohio.  Everyone loved them.  So what does Garrett do??  He sets off to make everyone one.  He takes orders.  He charges $3!!!  and.... he gets paid!  Plus, He takes his grandparents shopping for more Duct Tape so .. uh yeah, He doesn't pay for it.  So he's making Pure profit!  I didn't take one business class in college... but I'm pretty sure that's a very good business model!

He also likes to make these for his friends for gifts.  This is what he made for his teacher of last year.  He still stops by her room almost daily to say "Hi!" and check in.  She still encourages him and pushes him to do his best.  It's great!!

She's a Gator's fan... obviously!

purse and wallet

inside pockets of the wallet... he even makes a "id window" with clear tape!

change pocket

my little business man!... and thoughtful kid!! 
He's open for orders.... :)

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  1. That is so awesome. What a good little businessman. If only every job had such great profit margins :-)