Friday, November 8, 2013

A Gittle Magic

Last weekend we went to see a live musical performance of "The Magic Tree House: A Good Night for Ghosts".  These books have been favorites in our family for many years now.  I started reading them to Garrett when he was about 4 and we instantly fell in love with the adventures of Jack and Annie.  When Garrett was in kindergarten he met a friend named Lucy.  He introduced Lucy and her family to the books.. and before you knew it our playset in the back yard had transformed in to .. The Magic Tree House.  Garrett and Lucy are two peas in a pod to this day..ever the adventure!  It was really special that we got to go to the play together with Lucy's family.

Griffin Adventure Seekers 

Jack and Annie.. I mean G and Lu

getting some autographs

Kemna kids, Griffin Kids, Annie, Jack,  & Dipper (aka Louis Armstrong)

Cut! End scene. 

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